Franchise Experts

Selling a franchise business can seem daunting

After all, franchise transactions typically include three interested parties instead of two: the seller, the buyer and the franchisor. That’s why you need the franchise experts at Impact Acquisition on your team.

We'll Find The Right Buyer

Maximize your business value and meet the franchisor’s needs

Our advisors will help you find the right buyer so you can get the most value from your business and gain approval from your franchisor. And since our advisors have previous career experience working in management positions for large national franchise businesses, they know how to advocate for their clients while understanding and meeting the franchisor’s needs.

If you’re thinking about selling your franchise business, it’s never too early to start planning – contact the team at Impact Acquisition today. We can help you put your plans into action and achieve your desired results.

Maximize Your Business Transaction

Impact Acquisition has the expertise and relationships to get your business prepared for a potential sale, find the perfect buyer and manage your transaction through a successful closing. Trust your future to Impact Acquisition.